Industrial roller shutters, manufactured and installed by experts

All doors are fully galvanised, made to measure and come with a host of features built in to ease use and long term reliability.

Features include:

  1. Built in wind protection as standard
  2. Industrial Single phase motors with high duty rating and manual haulchain
  3. Safety built in – Fully CE Marked – Anti-Drop Devices – low voltage controls

Benefit 1

Built in Wind Protection

All doors come with either 65mm or 100mm Windguides. Windlocks are always bolted to the laths rather than riveted on inferior doors. These hook into the guides in strong winds to prevent the door from blowing in.

Benefit 2

Industrial Single Phase Motors

We realise that power can be a concern especially on remote buildings, this is why we have developed an Industrial strength single phase motor capable of lifting over 800kg! The motor also still has a high duty rating meaning no loss of power or usage.

Benefit 3


All doors are manufactured within DHF/HSE guidelines. Fully CE Marked including all necessary state of the art safety devices. Rest assured that the doors we will provide you are fully user friendly and compliant

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