Standard features on all of our roller shutters include:

  • Electric operation single or three phase 60% duty rated motor
  • Internal Switch operation
  • Internal manual over ride- All shutters are provided with a low level emergency haul chain, should power be cut to the door.
  • 0.9mm (20g) laths as standard
  • Anti drop safety device – In the event that a problem occurs or a chain snaps and the door goes into free fall the saftey brake will activate locking the door and thus preventing a possible accident
  • Wind lock guide system
  • Self locking
  • All doors fully compliant and CE marked as standard

Due to the design of the Rollershield door, it can be adapted to suit most openings, and along with all of the standard features, we offer optional extras making our doors suit any purpose.

Extras include:

  • Manually operated doors with spring loaded barrel (size restrictions apply)
  • Plastisol finish (to match cladding)
  • Rubber seal for bottom section
  • Brush strip for the top of the door
  • External lockable switch
  • Integrated wicket door
  • Remote control operation

For peace of mind we offer a 12 month warranty as standard. However we also offer service contracts for our industrial doors, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.  Service and maintenance of any door is very important to ensure safe and correct operation, regular maintenance will extend the working life of the door.

For more information on our roller shutters call us on 01642 221838 or visit our contact us page